Privacy Commissioner of Canada and the Privacy Commissioners of Alberta and British Columbia Jointly Issue a Guide to Cloud Computing and Privacy Compliance Responsibilities For Organizations

This is a key resource for organizations wishing to identify and address the serious risks involved in transferring documents containing personal information to a cloud services provider.

This guide may be viewed at: www.priv.gc.ca/information/pub/gd_cc_201206_e.asp


Privacy Commissioner of British Columbia Issues Guides to “Hot Topics” such as Privacy Considerations in Social Media Background Checks and Privacy Considerations in Cloud Computing for Public Bodies.

This guide may be viewed at: www.oipc.bc.ca/tools-guidance/guidance-documents.aspx.


Privacy Commissioner of Canada Issues Key Steps For Organizations in Responding to Privacy Breaches

The purpose of this document is to provide guidance to organizations, both small and large, when a privacy breach occurs. Organizations should take preventative steps prior to a breach occurring by having reasonable policies and procedural safeguards in place, and conducting necessary training. This guideline is intended to help organizations take the appropriate steps in the event of a privacy breach
This Guide may be viewed at: www.priv.gc.ca/information/guide/2007/gl_070801_02_e.pdf


Privacy Commissioner of Canada Issues Guide To Complaint Investigation Process

The Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada has issued a guide to complaint investigations under the Federal Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act. This guide contains useful information for respondent organizations such as:

  • The basics of the investigation process;
  • The investigator’s authority to review company files and to enter the organization’s premises;
  • The Commissioner’s power to compel witnesses; and
  • The Federal Court’s powers to award damages and fines for contravention of the Act.

This guide may be viewed at: www.privcom.gc.ca/fs-fi/02_05_d_20_e.asp.